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Intelligent Twitter Analytics for Savvy Marketers
More than just metrics, unlock marketing opportunities through our reports and gain insights into your Twitter Analytics that go beyond followers and retweets.
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Get Twitter Analytics in Minutes

Reduce time collecting your Twitter analytics and get them delivered to your inbox in minutes. View current Twitter trends from our weekly snapshot that compare this week versus the previous week’s performance and ensure you’re on track to hit monthly numbers. Make smarter decisions today.

Suggestions to Improve Are Included

Receive personalized recommendations in minutes to implement and increase Twitter’s impact on marketing. Our recommendations also cover website traffic, Facebook, Instagram, SEO and email marketing. While some digital agencies charge thousands for this (up to $20k in one case), our analysis and recommendations are included in both subscriptions.

Don’t Miss Opportunities to HIT IT BIG

Twitter is only one piece of the puzzle. Don’t miss out on spotting trends and opportunities in other areas that could significantly impact your company.  In addition to gaining insight into Twitter’s impact (plus Instagram and Facebook) on Social Media, compare social media with website, mobile, email marketing and SEO analytics.

Ask our Experts Questions

Marketers today are expected to wear the hat of data analyst. As it’s not only having the analytics but knowing what to do with the data, each subscription includes monthly group calls to answer questions and interpret your Twitter analytics (as well as Facebook, Instagram, SEO, website traffic and email marketing). We’re passionate about helping companies grow through analytics.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Benchmark Twitter branding, growth and engagement across your top competitors to keep informed and better understand Twitter strategies. Plus, gain market intelligence by comparing Web, Mobile, Social and SEO performance across competitors to extract valuable insights, better understand your market share, follow marketing strategies and identify strengths and weaknesses.


10 Minute Setup

Reports prepared in minutes

Cross-channel Analysis

Comprehensive Marketing Intelligence

Inbox Delivery

Presentation Ready

MightyInsights has been transformational for our company, saving us time and energy by delivering and interpreting our virtual data. It compiles all of the information I normally have to pull from 5 different places, AND makes recommendations on what we can do to increase traffic and improve our marketing strategy. There is no other product that is as easy to use and provides as much strategic data as Mighty Insights." - Katie Livornese, Manager of Partnership & Community Development
I can truly say that these reports have saved me so much time. Instead of countless hours collecting and assembling data; I run, review and share these reports with my clients in under an hour, and my clients LOVE reviewing them. For me - That's just awesome!
Mighty Insights allowed us to fully understand how my company's are performing across multiple marketing channels. My team typically has to manually dig through the data and then create our own custom report.