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We are a passionate analytics team invested in providing clarity on marketing effectiveness to support marketing decisions and drive company growth.


In an agency years ago, we saw clients frequently overwhelmed with data and underwhelmed with its results.  As entrepreneurs, we decided to do something about it.

Mighty Insights was born and included 1095 days of building our framework, 4,188 test reports, countless coffees, thousands of working hours and collaboration with multiple countries and disciplines such as Engineers, Copywriters, Designers, Managers, Analysts, Marketers, Developers, Data Scientists and Entrepreneurs. Our goal was to simplify data, display marketing effectiveness and provide expert advice to support business decisions.

Mighty Insights automates and collects cross-channel marketing in minutes, delivering digestible, insight-packed reports, and providing custom suggestions for improvement.

We save you time, optimize ROI and allow you to finally leverage data after hearing so much about it.  Our passion is helping your business thrive by leveraging data. Let us spend the time digging into the data so you don’t have to. 


John Wagner is the Founder & CEO of Mighty Insights. With over 20 years of experience in designing, building and implementing technology solutions, John’s passion is in helping enterprises reduce the complexity of technology while leveraging it as a powerful engine for business scale and success. Guided by 3 key principles–analyze to optimize, simplify the start-to-finish process, and execute with top talent and precision–John has won Fortune 1000 clients that span media, education and healthcare to financial industries–including Kaplan, New York Life, PIMCO, Billboard, Newsday and Cablevision.

A serial entrepreneur and creative architect, John continues to advise startups on digital strategy and design, and mentor young professionals on technology and entrepreneurship. He has spoken at New York University’s Digital Marketing Masters class and Venture for America at Brown University among others.  In addition, John was a guest of the US State Department to speak at the Daegu Center for Creative Economy & Innovation and Chung-Ang University in South Korea. John’s work has been featured in Mashable, Forbes and other media outlets.