– Save hours collecting analytics from multiple dashboards
– View data in the exact format you want through custom reports + dashboards
– Enrich current data with additional intelligence to wow leadership or clients




Combine the intelligence of multiple tools to get the whole picture
There is no shortage of amazing dashboards and tools that exist. But viewing them separately minimizes their impact, similar to viewing the pieces of a puzzle independently. Mighty Insights quickly places the pieces of your data puzzle together for a more complete picture to maximize impact.

Mighty Insights collects all your dashboard data in minutes, enhances it and displays the results in a custom dashboard or reports.

– Review custom reports that address specific needs in minutes

– Easily evaluate and optimize effectiveness

– Discover initiatives that create growth and revenue

– Provide ROI for leadership and key stakeholders

– Reduce busy work and focus on tactics that move the needle

– Quickly evaluate metrics critical for success

– Centralize data for all departments to use

– Pivot quickly from unsuccessful tactics

– Visually communicate successes with leadership

– Eliminate inefficient research, analysis and reporting processes

Pieces of the puzzle
If you use 2 or more of the below, imagine the insight and impact when they are combined.

Website Analytics

Audience, acquisition, behavior and conversion metrics

Media Mentions

TV, radio, print & online (news, message boards, blogs, etc)

Social Media

Activity, consumers, influencers and competitors


TV and Online (search, display & social media advertising)

Market Research

Insights, statistics, facts and research




Company Intel

General details, financials and analyst reviews

Contact Enrichment

Education, experience, social profiles, interests and hobbies


SEO, location, email marketing, call centers, events, Yelp, glassdoor, Google Reviews and others

Don’t see what you need? If it has an API, we can retrieve it. Please contact us to discuss integrating into our system.

Sophisticated Framework

Quickly collects and easily enhances data with additional intelligence (Hello IBM Watson!)

In the Cloud

Setup is easy and only takes minutes. No coding is necessary and nothing is installed.

Lowered Costs

Leverage our partner relationships to reduce the cost of tools + dashboards.

Your Own Analyst

Let us worry about the data.  Increase experience, solidify processes and drive continued growth.


A solution for all roles: Executives, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, Services


Grow new and existing business. Strengthen client relationships. Create online products using data to resell to clients 

Contact us to see how you can innovate for your clients

    What they say

    MightyInsights has been transformational for our company, saving us time and energy by delivering and interpreting our virtual data. It compiles all of the information I normally have to pull from 5 different places, AND makes recommendations on what we can do to increase traffic and improve our marketing strategy. There is no other product that is as easy to use and provides as much strategic data as Mighty Insights." - Katie Livornese, Manager of Partnership & Community Development
    I can truly say that these reports have saved me so much time. Instead of countless hours collecting and assembling data; I run, review and share these reports with my clients in under an hour, and my clients LOVE reviewing them. For me - That's just awesome!
    Mighty Insights allowed us to fully understand how my company's are performing across multiple marketing channels. My team typically has to manually dig through the data and then create our own custom report.